♡ la senza cage push-up bra ♡

♡ la senza cage push-up bra ♡

Anonymous Do you know of any taobao (or other asian) shops that stock US 34D/Japanese 75E? I've been looking for a bit but everything is for B's. ;-;

I don’t know of any taobao shops, but rui glamorous specializes in larger sizes!  I think it starts at a japanese f cup, though

j shoppers and nissen also have a pretty wide variety of sizes, and both of those ship outside of japan and are in english :D

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antoniocesaros also @ that anon, i found this cecile bra that says it doesn't leave any gaps for smaller busts!! jshoppers(.)com/shohin(.)asp?shocd=CD14I0433&PageNo=2 i get that saaame problem.

ah, thanks for sharing!  and it’s super cute too ;A;

Anonymous to the anon with the shallow breast bra issue, try something with a thicker padding overall, which can fit and feel different than a push-up and might work better. alternatively try a bra like a demi, with a lower cut along the top of the cups, where the separation happens. as long as the cup supports you properly it doesn't have to come all the way up the front.

thanks for the advice!  I hope the anon who was wondering about this sees this message :3

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